You will fall in love with moving your body with Marigold Fitness!

Freedom. Confidence.

We help you feel the freedom and confidence in your body by providing online and in person 1-on-1 functional training to prevent long term physical discomfort. We believe in evidence based movement and a friendly learning environment.

Who are we?

Maryam and her daughter, Sarv, started Marigold Fitness!

Maryam is a cardiologist turned personal trainer because she believes in the power of fitness to prevent chronic illness and change people's lives for the better.

Sarv is a personal trainer (B.Kin. and M.Sc. Human Kinetics) because she wants people to feel free and confident in their bodies. She didn't always feel free in her body. That body discomfort lead her to her health and fitness journey 9 years ago! Find me on Instagram @sarvhm

Online Personal Training

Instagram @sarvhm

My mom and I have been leading online and in person personal training sessions for years. Since Personal Training is based on each individual's unique needs, we work based on your unique goals and desires. We believe in  science based movement and exercise.


Visit Sarv (photo), @sarvhm on Instagram and send her a DM. Or simply send us an email!



Maryam is currently taking on new clients for at Train West Van or online.

We’d love to hear from you! Reach out today to book your consultation.

DM @sarvhm or maryam_._abbaszadeh on Instagram!


Or reach us by phone:

West Vancouver (Maryam): 604-724-7972

Kingston (Sarv): 604-723-0416


Vancouver (Maryam):

Kingston (Sarv):

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